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Photographer Grantly Lynch
Commission for CJS Portsmouth Ltd who are based on Airport Service Road. They needed general images of their operations for marketing material and ongoing website revamp. Managing Director Terri Gray was a great help on the day and she organised different areas and made sure the staff and directors were all present and correct.

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© Portsmouth Photographer Grantly Lynch

Commercial office photography

photographer portsmouth

Photographer Grantly Lynch

Recent shoot for Portsmouth solicitors Coffin Mew at their new offices in Lakeside North Harbour. I can remember shooting at these premises when they were the HQ of the call centre for The whole site has been refurbished but certain aspects of the original building still have a classic quality.

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Portsmouth Solicitor Photograph© Portsmouth Photographer Grantly Lynch

Business Event Photography

Recent commission for Portsmouth based Astrium Ltd who held their annual review at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London. This was a superb old Westminster building and a wonderful location, but the light levels were really low and all the wood panelling seemed to reduce any available light in the rooms. Thanks to modern digital camera sensors and photoshop I managed to capture some good images without having to use any flash which had been ruled out before the commission.

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© Photographer Grantly Lynch

Office photography

Recent commission for ACP Freight Services at their offices in Old Commercial Road.

They needed images for their new website which would show new and existing clients the real faces of the people behind the company and include visual elements of their business.

You can see the photographs in use  on their ACP Portsmouth website.

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ACP website photoportsmouth office photographer

© Grantly Lynch